microsoft xbox one vs sony playstation 4 Sony PS4 vs. Microsoft Xbox One: Who won the E3 console battle?

Following the E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, Sony Computer Entertainment appears to have won the first major battle against the Microsoft Corporation in the war of new video game consoles between the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One.
Microsoft has caused quite a stir with gamers and analysts who feel the digital rights management restrictions of its new console are cumbersome. On the flipside, Sony assures gamers it will not require internet access or interfere with sales of used video game titles, which prompted raucous cheers from the crowd at its private E3 showcase. 
Earlier in the week, Sony poked fun at Microsoft’s complex new sharing policy with a 22-second instructional video on how to share PS4 games. The video depicts one man handing a game to another, and the recipient saying, “Thanks.”
In addition to what some perceive as privacy violations on the part of Microsoft with its DRM policies, Sony’s PS4 comes in at a ticket price $100 below the Xbox One — $399 vs. $499, which analysts call “a poke in the eye” by Sony to Microsoft, at the very least. Aside from the lower price point, PlayStation 4 use won’t necessitate an additional subscription that is necessary for the Xbox One, as Microsoft requires a constant connect for regular re-authentication.
Microsoft didn’t make quite the splash Sony did at its E3 showcase, but revealed more details about the Xbox One — including cloud sharing capabilities, live TV apps and Kinect sensor updates — after first unveiling the console during a live-streaming event in May.
Now it’s up to video game customers. Which console will you buy?

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