Are Nic Cage and Jay Baruchel alike? More than you know.

The Dish Rag chatted with Jay and Nic about working together and found out they are indeed kindred spirits.

“We’re kinda cut from the same cloth,” explained Jay. “We’re both loners and outsiders, whatever you want to call it… and we both have the same variety of nerdy interests.”

]]>Nic also has kind words for producer Jerry Bruckheimer. “He is someone who really knows how to make a movie for the whole world. He casts independently spirited actors and it takes guts to do that. And that’s part of what makes his movies exciting.” Nic forgot to keep the cool leather duster coat he wore in the film. But he may get a chance to snag it after the sequel. Call it a hunch but we have a feeling there will be one. “I certainly like the idea of going international,” admitted Nic, possibly confirming rumors we’ve heard about the sequel taking place in England and New York.  We’ve also heard that Jay may find the Excaliber sword to defeat the Chernabog. The what? “The giant winged horned monster from “Fantasia,” Jay explains. “There’s a theory that I fight him in Columbus Circle.” We’re so ready for these two talented nerds to make movie magic and save the world again. Follow Zap2it on Twitter and Facebook for the latest TV, movie and celebrity news. Photo credits: Disney 

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead