There's some major boobage — male and female — in the hilarious new horror film "Sorority Row." 

Which you can see for yourself when it opens Sept. 11.

Rumer Willis, Briana Evigan, Margo Harshman, Leah Pipes and Jamie Chung all shared their breast-dressed secrets with the Dish Rag this weekend at the horror film's junket at the Four Seasons: 

Chicken Cutlets

Despite the Ralph's poultry department-sounding name, these are rubbery Latex bosom boosters that stylists attach to an actress' back and chest to push everything together and up. 

It's like instant implants!

Jamie Chung said Rumer Willis is "blessed naturally." 

Rumer allows that Audrina Patridge is no slouch in that department either.

But most of the "Sorority" girls had funny stories to tell about losing their chicken cutlets in the middle of a scene.

We lost count of the bare breasts in some of party scenes, but were surprised to learn that the studio wanted even more for their R-rated horror send-up.

According to director Stewart Hendler, he was asked for more topless shots — male and female — in this hilarious "Scream"-style teen slasher movie set on a college campus.

So, there was no boobage limit? Keep reading to find out the B-limit and the name of that shirtless dude, who seriously makes "Twilight" beefed up Taylor Lautner look like a wimpy weenie.

]]>Chris-colley "The pressure from the studio was in the other direction," Stewart admits. "They want as much skin as possible because it's an R-rated movie and they want to deliver to the audience that signs up for that." 

But he didn't want to be exploitative or misogynistic.  "We tried to put them into places where it would at least be organic" he explained. Like shower scenes, locker rooms, and — of course — wild sorority parties. 

But fear not, ladies. There's also some major beefcake served hot in "Sorority Row."

One six-packed dude gets his shirt ripped off and his abs are lustily fondled by a wild sorority girl. Who was that guy?

According to Hendler, the young man's name is Chris Conroy, 22, and the male model wants to be a camera assistant. Hendler told him, "I was like, 'You need to act. Look at  your six-pack.' "

Check out Chris Conroy's shirtless scene on his blog.

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