kim kardashian getty 300 Sorry, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood Walk of Fame bans reality stars

A representative from the Hollywood Walk of Fame recently made the organization’s stance on reality stars very clear.

“Someone asked if we give reality show characters stars?” they wrote on Facebook. “Hell to the No!”

A chorus of “thank yous” quickly followed, but speaking with CNN, Walk of Fame vice president for media relations Ana Martinez seems a bit more diplomatic.

“It’s just not on the radar for us right now,” she says, citing the criteria for the honor includes longevity in their field of entertainment, awards and philanthropy.

There’s also the not-so-small matter of a willingness to pay the $30,000 installation and maintenance fee that accompanies each star — something celebrities like Madonna and Whitney Houston have historically passed on.

So will reality stars really never make it to the Walk? They kind of already have. TV “personalities” like Judge Judy and Vanna White have both earned their stars, so a Kardashian loophole seems inevitable.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell