kim-kardashian-glendale-mayor-cant-run.jpgKim Kardashian‘s desire to run for mayor of Glendale, Calif., has hit a snag. Because you can’t run for mayor of Glendale.

The hot political story (local government, celebrity candidate division) of the last news cycle was Kim’s thought bubble that she’d like to run for mayor in Glendale in an outtake from Sunday’s (April 15) “Khloe & Lamar.” The L.A. suburb has a large population of Armenian-Americans (like Kim): “It’s like, Armenian town,” she says in the clip.

She’s already aware of one hurdle — she has to establish residency in the city — but there’s a bigger problem. Glendale has a council-city manager government, and per the city charter, the mayor is not an elected position. It rotates yearly among members of the City Council.

So if Kardashian wants to be mayor of Glendale, she’ll have to run for the council, then wait her turn in the rotation, which doesn’t sound nearly as fun.

That fact hasn’t stopped at least one Glendale city official from capitalizing on the story: The Los Angeles Times reports council member Ara Najarian has offered Kardashian a position as his “honorary chief of staff.”

Posted by:Rick Porter