On the Huffington Post today, Arianna Huffington does a mega mea culpa to her HuffPost readers, commentators and bloggers about George Clooney’s faux blog:

“At the beginning of the week, I was so focused on making it crystal clear that we did indeed have permission to run the Clooney blog that I was blinded to another extremely important issue: that a blog, where the source of the material is not clear, diminishes the amazing work of bloggers who day in and day out put their hearts and souls into writing their blogs."

On her blog, she goes on to say that, from now on, she will always identify repurposed material, source and link to it, will not create helpful sample blogs for green bloggers and if she reads, hears or see information she thinks should be put up, it will be put into her blog.

Huffington used the tried-and-true “I’m new at this” tact: “We’ve been doing this for ten months, and the learning curve has been enormous. Consider this a major lesson learned. I get it and have taken it to heart."

Well, thank heavens that’s over.

Or is it? Her statement says "that I did indeed have permission to run the Clooney blog." But if you ask Clooney and his publicist Stan Rosenfield, they’ll maintain that all Arianna ever had was Clooney’s permission to use his old sourced quotes. But enough already.

Photo Credit: Arianna Huffington says she’s learned her blogging lesson, seen here with a strange disembodied hand on her shoulder at the 2006 Independent Spirit Awards on March 4.
(Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage)

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