Tom-Cruise-South-Park.jpg“South Park” creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone are no strangers to controversy. Their Comedy Central show has lampooned everyone in existence at this point. For the most part, people take it in stride and with good humor. But the Church of Scientology wasn’t too jazzed about the 2005 “Trapped in the Closet” episode, which made fun of Scientology and it’s members, including Tom Cruise. (Watch a clip from the episode below.)

A former member of the church posted on his blog that the Scientologists had the pair investigated by the organization’s Office of Special Affairs, including identifying some of Parker and Stone’s celebrity friends and reportedly trying to find “some viable strings that can be pulled.” According to the Village Voice, when the investigation failed, they sought a young filmmaker to work as a mole at the show.

This isn’t going to do much for the church’s reputation. A sense of humor is the publicity money can’t buy. Parker and Stone, meanwhile, are now the proud owners of nine Tony awards for their Broadway musical “The Book of Mormon.”

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