south park lawsuit king lollipop 'South Park' lawsuit: Was King Lollipop appropriated from 'The Lollipop Forest'?“South Park” creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone are being sued by Exavier Wardlaw, who claims that character King Lollipop, which appeared in three episodes in 2009, was stolen from his own show “The Lollipop Forest,” reports The Wrap.

Wardlaw says King Lolli is based on Big Bad Lollipop and is claiming financial infringement and claims that his “wholesome family show” was appropriated by “South Park,” which is not so much a wholesome family show.

The complaint reads:

The “South Park” television show and its producers, directors and
writers disregarded the public copyright notice and appropriated “The
Lollipop Forest” for financial gain, without permission or attribution
of authorship or compensation for use. The “South
Park” television broadcast diminished/tarnished the value of “The
Lollipop Forest” as a wholesome family show by association within the
context of unwholesome language and sexual innuendo.

The “Imaginationland” episode that featured King Lollipop won an Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program for One Hour or More. Below is a trailer for “The Lollipop Forest” — we aren’t sure we see the similarities.

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