“South Park” took on “Game of Thrones” in its Nov. 13 episode, and though much of the parody of the HBO fantasy series was directed at gamers’ division between the new Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles, that’s not the only nod the Comedy Central animated series made at “Game of Thrones.” It also drew an awareness to the show’s tendency to show “gay wieners,” though that complaint might not be totally valid.

“I’ve started watching ‘Game of Thrones,'” Butters tells Cartman in the above clip. “Well, it’s pretty good, I guess. But have you ever noticed that almost every time they show a guy’s wiener, that guy’s character is gay? … It’s just that they have a lot of girls’ boobs and vaginas and stuff, but most times they show a man’s wiener, it’s because that guy’s in a love scene with another guy. You think it’s because gay wieners are less threatening to women viewers?”

When Cartman says he thinks Butters is missing the point of the show, Butters responds, “Yeah, I know. Winter is coming, and there’s dragons and zombies on the way. I’m pretty excited for that. Just could do with a little less gay wiener is all.

While “Game of Thrones'” tendency for sexposition has been a complaint throughout the series’ run (though arguably it was better in Season 3), on this point we’ll have to disagree with “South Park.” Some of the most memorable “wiener” appearances on the show are Theon’s and Hodors, and neither of those characters are gay. Do you agree with this complaint?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz