andy whitfield2 spartacus 'Spartacus: Blood and Sand' Season 2 officially moving forwardAt the TCA Winter Press tour, Starz boss Chris Albrecht finally dropped the news we’ve all been holding our breath for. “We are officially going ahead with the long planned but unfortunately delayed second season of ‘Spartacus: Blood and Sand’,” he says.

 While “Spartacus: Gods of the Arena” will premiere this January as a prequel, Starz is looking forward to going back to the original series.

“This will be the officlal second season which picks up where we last left Spartacus and his gang of escaped gladiators,” Albrecht says.
So, now that Andy Whitfield has officially left the title role, who will step into his very big sandals? “We don’t have casting news for you today,” Albrecht confirms, but he does assure critics that the reason they’ve decided to officially announce Season 2 is because they’re confident with where they are in the casting process. Albrecht is sure they’ll find a suitable Spartacus – “though we will never be able to truly replace Andy Whitfield,” he adds.

Starz is introducing “Camelot” this season, and when asked about their tendency toward period pieces, Albrech says, “It’s not that we’re looking for [period shows]l, it’s just that the things that’ve come to us, we’ve responded to.” 
What he is looking for, he says, is “premium television flavored popcorn.” That’s a catchphrase if we’ve ever heard one.
Don’t hold your breath for comedy or quiet drama on Starz, though. “Quiet dramas,” Albrecht laughs. “We’re going to leave that to other people. They seem to do quiet dramas well.” And on the heels of the canceled half-hour comedy “Party Down,” Abrecht admits, “We’re not a very funny group. We’ve decided to focus on our dramas for now for reasons that makes sense to us creatively for our brand and aslo from a financial point of view.”
Posted by:Carina MacKenzie