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liam-mcintyre-spartacus-vengeance-poster.jpgNot all geeks like to dress up as Princess Leia or Mr. Spock. Some of them wear leather bikini bottoms. And at least one of those actually gets paid to do it.

“I’ve just had a long conversation about video games with people,”
says Australian actor Liam McIntyre. “It was fun.”

Thumbnail image for liam-mcintyre-spartacus-manu-bennett.jpgAsked if this means he’s a geek, McIntyre says, “Massive one.”

McIntyre starred in the title role of the second and most recent season of Starz’ sword-and-sandals epic series “Spartacus,” entitled “Vengeance.” He returns in January in the show’s final season, called “War of the Damned.”

(Beginning with the prequel, “Gods of the Arena,” and followed by “Blood and Sand,” starring the late Andy Whitfield, and “Vengeance,” all the seasons of “Spartacus” are currently airing for the first time in chronological order Fridays on Starz. “Gods of the Arena” — produced between “Blood and Sand” and “Vengeance” — concludes Friday, June 15; “Blood” airs June 22 and 29, and July 6 and 13; and “Vengeance” airs July 20 and 27, and Aug. 3 and 10.)
But when he’s not working out to maintain that gladiator physique or practicing his lines and fight moves, McIntyre heads out on a different sort of adventure.

“I’ve been playing a lot of ‘Diablo’ lately,” he says. “I need to put it back in its box, so I can make another good season of ‘Spartacus.’ ‘Diablo 3,’ just came out. It’s a role-playing game.”

And your character is?

Thumbnail image for liam-mcintyre-spartacus-vengeance.crop.jpg
“It’s Spartacus,”
 McIntyre says with a hearty laugh. “It’s a two-sword-wielding barbarian. 

“You’ve got to pass the time, right?”

McIntyre even had a moment where his job and hobby came together.

“I got recognized buying a game in a GameStop,” he says. “That was quite exciting. That’s the first time it happened, too. It was amazing, to the point where I was pretty sure he wasn’t talking to me, but he was still looking at me and asking the same question. ‘Oh, me? Right. I’m in that show. That’s why you want to talk to me. That makes sense.'”

Last but not least, “Star Trek” or “Star Wars”?

“Yeah, ‘Star Wars.'”

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