Spartacus-casting.jpgWe’ve got some casting news for Season 3 of “Spartacus,” and we’re so excited to see what happens with these characters. Starz has announced the casting of Simon Merrells as Marcus Crassus and Todd Lasance as a young Julius Caesar!

Marcus Lincinius Crassus is the richest man in the Roman Republic. The highborn in the senate don’t like him, and he is desperate to grab the power and respect that defeating Spartacus and his rebels would bring him. Merrells played DO Griggs in the UK dramas “London’s Burning” and “Mersey Beat.” He’s also been seen in the thriller “The Wolfman.”

Gaius Julius Caesar is a young rogue from a good family line. He’s smart, deadly and he’s not taking this rebellion lightly. We all know where he ended up. Lasance has been seen in the TV miniseries “Cloudstreet” and TV movie “The Great Mint Swindle.”

“Spartacus: Vengeance” airs Friday nights on Starz. This is why we don’t go out on Fridays anymore.

Posted by:jbusch