Ilythia.jpgOur favorite thing about “Spartacus?” The show never shies away from going all out. It never pulls punches with its portrayal of violence, love, sex or intrigue. It’s practically opera without the singing. We just can’t get enough.

In “Empty Hands,” the political scheming heats up as the pregnant Ilythia (Viva Bianca) plots to nab a new, more powerful husband and beat out the younger Seppia (Hannah Mangan Lawrence) for his affections and the clout that comes with them. Glaber (Craig Parker), who has sent his men to hunt the rebels, has pulled them out of the games. To fix this, Ilythia suggests a party. And oh, what a party it is!

While naked dancers writhe in front of the group, Ilythia tells her father her plan. Troubled, he tells his issues to Lucretia (Lucy Lawless). Yeah, that might not be a good thing. She and Ilythia are now full on rivals and ready to do just about anything to destroy each other. Though Ilythia eventually gains the support of Varinius (Bret Tucker), her schemes go awry when she sees Lucretia on top of her dad.

Four warriors from the rebel band, including the recently captured Oenomaus (Peter Mensah, who was just cast in “True Blood”) and Crixus (Manu Bennett) are sitting in Glaber’s jail. They’re brought before the group and Lucretia chooses — we mean, she channels the gods to choose — one to be put down. She promises Crixus that he will suffer. Yikes! And speaking of bloodthirsty, the unlucky rebel becomes a human pinata with everyone taking a swipe at him for fun. Tongue removal is such a nice party trick. Ilythia shows how hot she is by delivering the killing blow. As you do.

The rebels, meanwhile are in the woods, trying to get Naevia (Cynthia Addai-Robinson) away from the salt mines. Though they think Crixus is dead, they soldier on. The big take away here? Mira (Katrina Law) can kick some serious butt! Now they’re off to Vesuvius.

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