spartacus vengeance liam mcintyre 'Spartacus: War of the Damned'    Season 3 teasers from Steven DeKnightOn Monday, June 4, Starz announced that their hit show “Spartacus” wouldn’t go beyond Season 3. Though fans will be disappointed to hear the news, it sounds like this season is going to be even more intense than the last. Zap2it spoke to executive producer Steven DeKnight, who gave us some information about what we’re going to see in the final season “Spartacus: War of the Damned.”

He tells us a bit more about the new character Crassus, played by Simon Merrels. “We have mentioned that Crassus is kind of the “Elite Roman Boogie Man”.  Everybody whispers about Crassus. You don’t want to cross Crassus.  We really knew that we were gonna introduce Crassus, but we wanted to lay in that feeling that this is a guy that not only the rebels fear, but also other Romans fear. Merrells, who we brought in, has been doing a fantastic job.”

Merrels has big shoes to fill here, but DeKnight says he can do it. “Obviously, you’ve got to live up to Laurence Olivier’s performance.  When you see him in the first episode?when you see our Crassus?you’re like, ‘Okay, I understand why everyone is so afraid of him’.  It’s just a great, great performance.”

Todd Lasance will play Caesar, but he’s not the one we’re used to. “He is a very different Caesar than most people are used to because it’s basically the Caesar before he became the Caesar that everybody knows from this time,” DeKnight says.” This was when he was still on his rise.  And, historically, Caesar, well?had a bit of a money problem.  He had a great name. He had a very honored name.  But he didn’t have two coins to rub together!  He was in massive debt, known for always wanting to spend money.  That’s where Crassus comes in.  Historically, Crassus really funded [Caesar’s] lots.”

He also give us a bit of info on the ladies. “Anna Hutchison, whom I think people will know from the fantastic Australian series, “Underbelly,” and she was just in “The Cabin in the Woods.” She plays, a Roman woman who gets caught between Crassus and Spartacus in the war. ”

He continues, “We’ve got Jenna Lind, who plays Crassus’ slave, who also is caught between the war.  There are a lot of people getting caught between Crassus and Spartacus this season.  And, its not a new character, but one that I just cannot wait for people to see is how Naevia (Cynthia Addai-Robinson) transforms between the seasons. We started her journey last season, when she killed Asher (Nick Tarabay), and she has been training as a fighter.  I think people are going to be very surprised  to see who she has become.  I think she is one of the most kick-ass characters this next season.  As soon as you see her, she doesn’t even have to talk, and you just get it.  And Cynthia Addai-Robinson really tearing it up.”

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