heidi montag Spencer Pratt, Heidi Montag's kidnapping a mistake of hooded identityTMZ has reported that police blocked off the street outside of Speidi’s house, helicopters were flying around and cops with guns drawn were yelling at a man to come out of the Spencer’s house.

Apparently, the scene looked like a cop TV show. CSI Spiedi! 
Someone in the circling helicopter was on a loudspeaker saying, “Man in the black shirt: Come out of the house.”
A white male man was brought out and was sitting in the back of a police car. 
Then it turned out someone had reported seeing a person with a pillowcase (or something like it) over their head being led into the house..
Was it Heidi or Spencer? The dog?


TMZ surmises that the hooded person was Heidi not wanting to be photographed until her big People cover with her new face (among other things) is on the stands.
She had 10 face- and body-altering plastic surgeries in one day in late November. Apparently, she’s not ready for public viewing yet.
Anyway, let’s hope everyone is safe, including Heidi, Spencer and her brand new puppies um, puppy. 
Photo credits: WireImage