spencerpratt 'The Hills'' season 6: Spencer Pratt is back and telling us straight up how it isHe claims he’s going to be likable from now on, but as the sixth season of MTV’s most-talked about series debuts tonight, Spencer Pratt is wasting no time talking smack… about his cast mates, his lifelong friends, his sister and Stephen Baldwin too.

But we kind of love it.

Best known for his villainous behavior on both “The Hills” and this summer’s “I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here” on NBC, Pratt doesn’t seem to have changed much since “The Hills” concluded its run with star Lauren Conrad last spring. But the series itself definitely has a new flavor…

Not going to lie, pretty excited about “The Hills” returning this evening.
I wouldn’t even call this “The Hills.” This is like the evolution of “The Hills.” This is “The Hills” prequel. This is what “The Hills” would have been if [“Laguna Beach” bad girl] Kristin [Cavallari] had realized [four years ago] that she was a reality star, not a movie star and let MTV do “The Hills” with her [instead of] with Lauren. But yes, here we are, the greatest show on television is about to air and I’m right there with you, so excited to see Kristin take Justin Bobby from Audrina, going after that little egomaniac’s boyfriend. And I’m so excited to see her go after Brody and jack him from [his currently lady] Jade. I’ve got popcorn popping as we speak.

Is that how you see Kristin off camera too? Man-stealing? Attention-loving?
She’s exactly what I’ve always known her to be, even before she introduced me to [my wife] Heidi. I basically lived with Kristin for two years back when she was with Brody, because I lived at Brody’s house also. I know this girl left, back, right, she is made for reality TV, she can’t even help it. She’s convinced herself she’s just playing a bitch on TV, but it’s like, sweetheart, I never met a bitch like you.

Do you like her off screen, in real life?
I like to watch her on TV. I’m definitely not going to have her hanging around my puppies or anything.

What about hanging around your wife? Does Heidi like her?
They get along great. I’m just messing around. If I saw her now, I’d hug her and buy her dinner. I’m very honored to have her on the show and thankful she came back to reality TV. So don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely Team Kristin.

Like you, she makes for good television. It could be the best season of “The Hills” yet.
Yes! When Lauren was quitting the show, she had the crew believing that she had the show ending and I was like, yeah right. Nobody cares about this boring girl. She’s not the reason “The Hills” is on. I told all the editors and the crew and nobody believed me. And so now I look like the prophet and savior that was right. They’re like, Look at this! Look at the footage we have! It’s so much better. I mean, Lauren hasn’t dated a guy in two years on the show. She’s so bitter and quiet and boring. Kristin won’t even be on camera unless she thinks she’s being as cool as possible. It’s just a different style of person. Lauren feels like she deserves that camera on her, whereas Kristin sees that camera and does whatever she has to do to keep it interesting.

So she’s not only going after Justin Bobby, but Brody again too?
Oh, I don’t want to blow any sneak peeks, but I’m putting all my money on them double dating with Speidi by the end of the season.

How’s your relationship with Brody these days? Are you guys boys again?
No, because I can’t stand his girlfriend, I want him to be back together with Kristin. But once they’re back together, and he’s like, man you were right, we’ll be best friends again. I think he’s just pissed because I’m Twittering all the time about how I can’t wait to double date with him and Kristin when he’s, like, celebrating anniversaries with his girlfriend.

Are we going to see on screen conflict between you and Jade?
I wouldn’t even conflict with her on screen if she tried. I’d walk away. I’m not trying to be on screen with some random nude model from the internet, you know? I’m not getting in any conflicts this season. I’m chilling. My conflict is over, she retired. I’ll let Kristin be the conflict by banging everybody and see how that goes.

Has married life settled you?
Yeah, I’m going to be likable this season.

Yeah. Watch this. America’s most loved.

How are you going to accomplish that?
By being myself.

So the behavior you displayed on “I’m a Celebrity” this summer, that wasn’t you being yourself?
I love when people bring up “I’m a Celebrity…” If I dropped you off where they put us, in the middle of the freaking jungle, [you’d crack too]. Their goal was to make you break down, crack, be miserable, give you dysentery. That was the craziest experience. I still think it was a hallucination that didn’t even happen. So yes, that was definitely the real Spencer in that jungle. If I was there longer, I can’t even imagine what kind of Spencer would come out. The real anybody would come out in that jungle, and I will re-quote anything I said.

I had to Google the whole cast to figure out who I was in the jungle with. That wasn’t the show the president of NBC had promised Speidi at the time that we first signed on board. We were supposed to be in that jungle with Dog the Bounty Hunter, Governor Blagojevich — not his wife, who I didn’t know about — and Lindsay Lohan.

But you seemed to get friendly with a couple of your cast mates. Do you still talk to anyone from the show?
Absolutely not.

Not even Stephen Baldwin?
No, actually. Stephen Baldwin, I called like three times after. And if I see him, I’m going to straight up call him a poser. I definitely left him a couple church messages. Maybe the hoopla from him saving me was too much for him to handle, I don’t know.

You never heard back from him?
No, I got played by Baldwin.

Are you still going to church?
Heidi would have me there every single day [if she could]. We have the church channel. She leaves it on the TV, blasting all day long.

How are you getting on with your sister Stephanie this year?
I haven’t really gotten along well with Stephanie since the moment she came into the world. And that’s the reality of it. I wouldn’t hold her when they tried to give her to me right after she was born. [I said] No, no, no, no, no! Put her back in there!

Word is, Heidi really wants to get pregnant asap, but you’re not so into that. Will we see that play out throughout the season?
That’s 24/7 in my life right now. I don’t think it’s going to end. It’s not just this season. Her mom had her when she was like 19, so she grew up with a mom who was skiing with her every weekend, talking with her, and she wants that connection with her daughter or her son. I’m like, take these two puppies I got you and enjoy them.

She’s still so young.
The problem is, Hollywood has baby fever right now.

I assume you eventually will want to have kids, yeah?
Uhhh… I think the state the world is in right now, things aren’t looking too hot and I’m not trying to put a kid out in a world where he has to pay a tax to breathe and pay a tax to pee.

So you might not want kids at all? Is Heidi aware of this?
I always said it pre-marriage, but I think she thought I was being sarcastic or funny. I wasn’t.

That might be a deal breaker. You might have to compromise on that.
Don’t even get me started.

Ah, King Spence. Gotta love him.

We’ll have more with the man early next week, so check back in to hear what he’s got to say about his new “royal” moniker, his upcoming film project and the time line he has planned for “The Hills”‘ future…

The show’s sixth season premieres Tuesday, Sept. 29 at 10 p.m. ET

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