Miles_danceyourassoff_290 We got that inevitable twist of a double ousting during Latin Week on “Dance Your Ass Off.” Unfortunately that means one of my favorites is gone. Boo!

Before getting to the live dancing, Host Marissa Jaret Winokur shows a package of her dropping in on the contestants to let them know that this is a double elimination week. Brandon’s making big strides with getting his diabetes under control and everyone’s stepping it up because they don’t want to go home.

Our judges are, as always, Mayte Garcia, Lisa Ann Walters, and Danny Teeson. The standard still applies – the average of the judges’ scores are added to the contestants weight loss percentage to get a total score. Last two to dance are the ones with the least weight lost this week.

1. Miles & Michelle

Song: Fake-out “La Bamba”

You can tell he’s lost a lot just by looking at his face. The rehearsal footage shows that he tapes the routine so he can see what he’s doing wrong. Miles has a lot of showmanship and looks great tonight, but the footwork is still a bit clompy. Michelle continues to choreography crazy lifts in this Mambo/Samba hybrid. Mayte liked a lot but wanted a little more strength. Lisa Ann thought he did well for not being comfortable with the genre. Danny wants them to use more of the stage.

Score: 6.3 (6-7-6)

Weightloss: 1.75% (-4.3 lbs)

Total: 8.05

2. Trice & Jesus

Song: Not the real “Suavamente (Dance Remix)”

Dude, Trice is really pushing herself this week – four workouts a day! That’s crazy. jesus is going with a Samba/Salsa mix tonight. Her technique isn’t fantastic but a great performance as usual. I can also visually see a big difference between last week and this week physically. Mayte noticed a bit of mistake but loves that she didn’t let it stop her. Lisa Ann loves that she’s becoming a serious competitor and challenging herself. Danny wants to see a little more hip isolation but loved that they used the whole floor and did something different.

Score: 6.7 (6-7-7)

Weightloss: 2.29% (-5.9 lbs) – Wow!

Total: 8.99

3. Alicia & Italo

Song: “Let’s Get Loud” a la Jennifer Lopez

Italo’s specialty is Latin Ballroom and is being really meticulous about the Cha Cha technique. Alicia still needs to work on not just having her mouth open all the time. She’s got the feeling of the dance well and it’s good choreography. She need a little more something but I can’t quite figure out what. Mayte loved that she owned it but wanted sharper footwork. Lisa Ann gave a tip to improve her posture which will help with the technique. Danny wants her to concentrate a bit more on the non-dance side of things because her body isn’t executing what’s in her mind as well as it should be.

Score: 6.3 (6-6-7)

Weightloss: 2.61% (-6.4 lbs) – Double wow!

Total: 8.91

4. Ruben & Hilary

Song: “Sway” by Not Michael Buble

Ruben’s secret to success is dancing 3-4 hours a day and being meticulous about his food diary – he’s lost the most weight prior to tonight so clearly, it’s a good thing. Hilary decided to go the Cha Cha route with the routine. His facial expressions are much better this week and he’s the best technique-wise so far. His best so far, you can tell he’s getting in touch with his old dancer self. Mayte thought it was hot and his partnering was perfect. Lisa Ann loved every little thing about it. Danny loved the use of the floor but wants him to go straight for it from the start.

Score: 8.7 (8-9-9)

Weightloss: 1.63% (-4.7 lbs)

Total: 10.33

5. Shayla & Mario

Song: “Bailamos” a la Enrique Iglesias

Shayla sprained her ankle this week but, despite being told no dancing on it by Dr. Huizanga, she refused to just walk-through the routine. Some relief came from exorcising in the pool so at least she got to rest it some. Her pink shimmy outfit is killer. She’s owning this Salsa and, like Ruben, it seems like she’s getting back in to old form. Great choreography and there was even a lift. Definitely one of, if not the, best of the night. And you couldn’t really tell her ankle was sprained. Mayte said it was fire. Lisa Ann loved everything about it. Danny loved the choreography and thought her performance was unbelievable.

Score: 8.7 (8-9-9)

Weightloss: 2.19% (-4.3 lbs)

Total: 10.89

6. Mara & Paul

Song: “Black Magic Woman” a la Santana

Paul’s quasi-drill sergeant approach finally got to be too much for her so they hashed it out. Hopefully their dancing won’t suffer for it. They’re also doign a Cha Cha. If Mara was wearing higher heels I think it would’ve helped the technique immensely but it was good. She definitely performed it well. Mayte could tell the connection wasn’t as strong as it should be, nor was the footwork. Lisa Ann gives the tip to let him lead more. Danny completely disagrees and liked what the tension created.

Score: 6 (6-5-7)

Weightloss: 1.40% (-3.5 lbs)

Total: 7.4

Tara_danceyourassoff_290 7. Tara & Michael

Song: “Livin’ La Vida Loca” by Not Ricky Martin

They decided to go with a Salsa tonight. It was awkward for some reason…like the choreography was entirely too rudimentary for it to look like she was counting the steps, which is exactly what it looked like she was doing. Mayte said that the techinique and footwork just wasn’t there. Lisa Ann stated that she’s much more of a rocker which is why it was weird for her. Danny knew it wasn’t going to go well from the beginning based on her body language in the intro pose.

Score: 4.3 (4-5-4)

Weightloss: 1.85% (-4.2 lbs)

Total: 6.15

The Bottom Two

As it’s a double elimination, Pinky and Brandon must out-score both Tara and Mara if they want to stick around. This is Brandon’s third and Pinky’s second time in the bottom.

1. Pinky & Mr. Lucky

Song: “Pon de Replay” a la Rihanna

Pinky’s really frustrated because she’s just not losing weight despite lots of exorcise including running at least a mile and a half a day on the treadmill. To remedy this, she met with nutrition consultant Meg Werner Moreta, MS RD who lowered her daily caloric intake. I think she needs to do more weights and some Pilates as her body’s already accustomed to cardio thanks to her breaking background. She’s looks fab and has all kinds of attitude. The salsa works well for her. The technique is there and the choreography is great. Mayte noticed that she was a bit uncomfortable dancing in the heels but loved the triple-lean-back ending. Lisa Ann thought it was great at the beginning but it got a little stompy in the middle, whether by heels or by Hip Hop creeping back in. Danny thought it was great but implores her to not be in the bottom anymore.

Weightloss: 0.78% (-1.4 lbs)

Brandon_danceyourassoff_290 2. Brandon & Yesenia

Song: “Conga” a la Gloria Estefan & The Miami Sound Machine

Brandon’s goal is five hours of working out every day. Woof. Yesnia’s opted for a hybrid routine mixing Salsa and Cha Cha. Really good choreography and he is working it. There was a bit of a drop off in energy in the middle since he had to concentrate on a series of fairly intricate maneuvers. The shirt is awful but number was one of my favorites. Mayte wants him to be high-energy the whole time. Lisa Ann loved the flavor he brought but tells him not to be in the bottom again. There wasn’t enough fancy footwork for Danny and he isn’t sure Brandon was really dancing for his life.

Weightloss: 0.77% (-1.7 lbs)

Pinky gets her scores first – a 7 from Mayte, an 8 from Danny, and an 8 from Lisa Ann. With a total of 8.48, she’s in fifth place and safe, eliminating Tara in the process.

Now it’s between Brandon and Mara and he needs to score higher than a 6.7 average. Mayte gave him a 6, Lisa Ann gave him a 6, and Danny gave him a 6. Sadly, this is the end of the road for Brandon. The other contestants give him a standing ovation. I wish he would’ve stayed because he really, really needed to. Poor thing. But he vows to do his best to keep up his great work.

I’m really bummed about Brandon being eliminated. Are you? Did you have a favorite number? Who’s progess has you most amazed so far? Any other thoughts?

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Posted by:Tamara Brooks