Stevenspielberg_290 While Steven Spielberg does some undercover work on remaking the “Matt Helm” spy movies, he’s got his eyes on another update.

Well, sort of. How do you get your eyes on a 6-foot-tall invisible rabbit? Yep, the trades have confirmed the ‘Berg as director of “Harvey,” previously a 1950 Jimmy Stewart comedy about a drunk who claims the see-through carrot-muncher is his best friend.

See pictures of other news faces in old, familiar places.

There’s no word on how Spielberg plans to update the story (especially after “Donnie Darko’s” rather darker take on the concept) or who might star. Filming is set to begin early next year.

— Speaking of remakes, “Chicago” remake director Rob Marshall is in talks to direct Disney’s fourth “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

While there’s no hint yet at where the story will go, Johnny Depp has already signed on to return as Captain Jack Sparrow.

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Posted by:Andy Grieser