nicole eggert splash 2 'Splash': Nicole Eggert hospitalized after on set injuryWho knew that joining “Splash” would be the most dangerous job in Hollywood?

The ABC reality show adds another injured cast member to its growing list with a report from TMZ that Nicole Eggert was hospitalized on Thursday (April 18) after a dive went very wrong while taping the show.

Sources tell the outlet that the former “Baywatch” star was attempting a dive that included multiple backflips when something went wrong and she back-flopped in the water. The impact was said to have looked so painful that on-site EMTs rushed to pull Eggert out of the pool. She was taken to a nearby hospital.

Luckily, she didn’t break any bones, but doctors were concerned that she may have suffered internal injuries from the fall, monitoring her kidneys, specifically. Eggert was released from the hospital after only a few hours.

Beyond Eggert’s accident, the show has taken a toll on its cast. Chelsea Handler‘s sidekick Chuy Bravo left the competition before it even began after fracturing his heel during practice. Rory Bushfield ruptured his eardrum during a botched dive, though refused to quit. And just this week, Katherine Webb quit after suffering a back injury.

Posted by:Billy Nilles