jordan bigbrother11 290 SPOILER: 'Big Brother' HOH round 1 winnerThe first round of the “Big Brother” Head of Household comp took about 5 hours, but we finally got a winner last night. Spoilers after the jump.

Kevin has won the first round, though it looked like Jordan dropped after 4 hours and Natalie then threw the competition to Kevin. She did “threaten” him that he better take her to Final Two before she jumped off, which is interesting. Do they realize there are TWO more rounds of this PLUS Jordan could win? It’s like they think they’re just headed for Final Two together, it makes me mad.

I am hoping for a Jordan/Kevin Final Two. I really think if he takes Jordan he’ll win the $500,000 because she didn’t have much game without Jeff. I think they’d both have a hard time beating Natalie, though, so DON’T TAKE HER GUYS!

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Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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