Russell_bigbrother11_290 Last night’s “Big Brother” live show left us with a pseudo-endurance contest that ended after the broadcast. Details about HOH and the nominations after the jump.

Jeff has nominated Kevin and Natalie. On the surface, this may look like he is sticking to the plan that the Final Four is J&J, Russell and Michele. HOWEVA…

All afternoon he and Jordan have been talking about backdooring either Russell or Michele because they don’t trust them. I think this is the stupidest thing he could possibly do. Once again, it gives up the numbers advantage. Also, if that really IS his plan, he should’ve nominated one of them and left the other one off so that one of the people he wants gone is sure to leave. 

I think it will be really interesting if he or Jordan win POV. If they’re smart, they’ll throw it and hope Natalie or Kevin win it (for their own plan). However, I hope Michele or Russell wins and leaves the nominations alone, thereby getting to cherry-pick who gets eliminated this week.

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Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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