michele SPOILER: 'Big Brother' Power of Veto ceremony completeThe special “Big Brother” midnight Power of Veto took place the other night and today the ceremony is complete. Find out if it was used after the jump.

Michele used the veto on herself. I would say, “No surprise there,” except that earlier today Michele was talking about using the Veto on Jeff! Apparently our “Brain” wanted to give Marcellas some company as the WORST PLAYER IN THE HISTORY OF EVERYTHING.

Sorry to scream at you in all caps, guys. But seriously Michele, are you mentally ill? Did you fall and hit your head on something hard? How could you even CONSIDER that?

Hmph. Anyway, Brainiac wised up and used the veto to save herself. Now we just have to keep Jordan from sacrificing herself for her man. It’s Jeff’s fault he’s on the block. Own bed, lie in it, all that jazz. If Jordan takes a bullet for him, I will be so mad at her.

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Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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