Based on actual events, USA Network’s “GRACELAND” is about undercover agents living together in a California beach house. In the first season, the agents worked together to take down a major kingpin while grappling with learning who to trust, because–as then-rookie Mike Warren quickly learned–when you’re undercover, your lies are your life. Now that season 2 is back with all-new drama, it’s time to get caught up on the show critics call “sexy” and “addictive.”
1. Six agents. One house. 
“GRACELAND” follows six undercover federal agents who live together in a government-seized Southern California beachfront house. Last summer, recent Quantico graduate Mike Warren joined the FBI team of agents Catherine “Charlie” DeMarco, Johnny Tuturro, and legendary senior agent Paul Briggs. Working alongside the FBI are bad ass DEA agent Paige Arkin and “lone wolf” ICE agent DJ Jakes.
The first rule of Graceland is “your lies are your life” and living by that creed is dangerous work left to the most highly-skilled agents. But even the best agents make mistakes and in undercover work the consequences can be deadly.  
2. Mike and Briggs have a complicated relationship
Shortly after his arrival, Mike was informed that the FBI had placed him at Graceland to investigate his mentor Briggs. When Mike’s secret investigation was first exposed, it called all of the agents’ relationships into question. But by the end of the season, Briggs was in the clear, Graceland was put back together again and Mike was shipped off to his dream job in Washington, D.C. This season, Mike returns to Graceland at Briggs’ request to take the lead in a dangerous new mission. But between Mike’s ruthless ambition and Briggs’ shady history, their partnership stands on shaky ground.
3. Charlie is haunted by her past 
When we last saw “mama bear” Charlie, she was beaten up mentally and physically. After the death of her criminal informant, her judgment lapse using heroin while undercover, and almost being filleted alive by a Cartel assassin, Charlie’s confidence is at a low. But if Charlie knows anything, it’s how to disguise herself, and while she may be putting on a brave face, the hidden pain she’s suffering could be her undoing.
4. House romances are heating up
The next rule of Graceland is “no guns downstairs and no locals upstairs.” When it comes to dating, civilians are out of the question (and sleeping with criminals can get you killed). But when you live in a house with sexy fellow agents, romantic entanglements are sure to follow. Viewers already got a glimpse of the intense chemistry between Briggs and Charlie and now they can look forward to their romance heating up and become increasingly tumultuous in the new season. 
When Mike’s attempts to date a civilian ended in disaster, it was Paige that told him that real relationships weren’t an option for undercover agents. That didn’t stop Paige and Mike from getting closer and their flirtation will continue to develop. But Mike’s career aspirations come first, and when it comes to choosing between Paige and his ambition, she could end up drawing the short straw.
5. Johnny and Jakes have something to prove
Despite Johnny being the jokester “little brother” of Graceland, the other agents don’t hesitate to take advantage of his specialized skills and need to please. Longing for family after losing his brother to gang violence, Johnny has been all too willing to put his job and life on the line to help the team. This season, feeling left behind, he’s now poised to make a big and dangerous move to jump start his stalled career.
Last summer, Jakes struggled with his decision to leave his wife and son in order to protect them from the danger surrounding undercover work. But it’s no longer enough to watch his son grow up from afar. Jakes wants his family back, but it might be too late.
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