Did you miss out on the big finale of “Revolution”? Well now all its Season Two glory can be relived starting Aug. 19. Still living in a post-apocalyptic world, the Mathesons have settled in small town Willoughby, Texas, but all is not what it seems – a fateful trip to The Tower has forever altered the political landscape of the continent. Willoughby may be sleepy, but it won’t be long before the U.S. Government arrives.
There’s really no better preview to pump it up than this

and the intensity only escalates from there. An attempt to stop bombs from hitting the East Coast was unsuccessful. Rachel takes the blame and Monroe is weighed with guilt. Meanwhile, the Patriots are resolved on taking over the continent, and nanotech has taken an extreme path, manifesting itself in ominous ways.
Revolution’s second season certainly has much of the same heart-thumping drama as before, but as the truth-telling quest continues, there’s even more sinister sci-fi script-flips. Nothing is as it seems – even in death. Will Aaron be revived? Can Monroe beat the Patriots at their own game? Will nano use whatever means necessary to control the world? As two states are pitted against each other in war, will our heroes, scattered across the continent, finally discover the answers they’ve been seeking?
If you missed out on the exciting conclusion to Revolution, pick up a copy of the Season 2 DVD starting Tuesday and watch the excitement unfold.
The season – also on Blu-Ray – spans 22 episodes. DVD special features include standard deleted scenes and gag reel as well as four featurettes, “Revolution: Heading West,” “Impact Revolution: Conversations with the United Nations,” and the “United Nations: The Mission Continues” PSA and a 2013 Comic-Con panel Q-and-A with cast and creators.
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