“Spooked” is an upcoming web series about a semi-professional team of paranormal investigators who track down ghosts, aliens and anything else that happens to go bump in the night. From Bryan Singer and Felicia Day, “Spooked” stars Julian Curtis, Ashley Johnson, Neil Grayston, Derek Mio and Shyloh Oostwald.

Preview the show with Zap2it‘s interview with Curtis and Mio.

Zap2it: How would you describe your characters and their places on the show?
Julian Curtis: I play Connor who is the leader of the Paranormal Investigation Team (the P.I.T.) He started the team in order to help his sister Piper recover from the death of their parents. Since the death, Piper has been relatively mute except for when she taps into her ability to speak to the undead. Though you will see the bond that forms between the whole team throughout the series gives him more and more reasons to pursue further cases. Helping others heal seems to be a driving force for him.

Derek Mio: My character, Elliot, is the unapologetic fanboy of the P.I.T. crew. He is constantly finding correlations between the case at hand and paranormal pop culture references of the past, which allows the show to pay homage to the genre classics. At heart, he just wants to impress his team members with his insight and support his best friend, Connor, in his mission to help others.

What does your character bring to the ghost-hunting team?
JC: I would say he tries to lead and be the glue that keeps a dysfunctional group of people together. He spends a lot of time reminding everyone to be professional and yet you will see Connor guilty of making some very foolish mistakes that threaten to tear the team apart himself. It’s an interesting line he walks.

DM: Elliot’s passion for paranormal investigation is always maxed out, which can open up leads to a case or drive the team to prove his theories utterly ridiculous — either way, his enthusiasm pushes the team forward. He’s a lot of fun to watch.

Can you compare your show to anything else — movies or television — that audiences have already seen?
DM: At face value, there’s the obvious similarity of our case-solving ensemble to that of Scooby Doo but instead of a talking great Dane we have a clairvoyant child played by Shyloh Oostwald who brings so much heart, as well as humor, to the show. I think Michael, the writer, brought a lot of refreshing ideas to character and storytelling and what sets us apart is the satisfying balance of drama, comedy, and paranormal goodiness.  

JC: I would add that it has overtones of ‘Ghostbusters’ and ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ as well.

Do you believe in ghosts?
JC: I do, after a run in with one. Cue music: Dnnnnnnnnnn. My auntie bought this abandoned chapel next to her farmhouse. It just so happens it sits on a children’s grave site that were victim of a … I think it was a town virus back in the day. Anyway, I believe I encountered one of them, thinking it was my nephew late at night. I’m going to stop now cos as I’m sounding like a lunatic.

DM: Yes but I have yet to have an ‘experience’ like Julian. Same with aliens.

Which is scariest: possession, poltergeist or ectoplasm?
DM: I would say possession because you can run away from the other two.

JC: Poltergeist for me. Ectoplasm seems more gross if anything. And possession sounds like a fun Friday night.

What sort of supernatural creature scares you the most, and will you be facing that creature on the show?
DM: When I was younger I had terrifying nightmares about being chased by gremlins and E.T. just staring at me amongst other stuffed animals from my closet. Due to copyright and licensing I don’t think they will make appearances in our show. Whew!

JC: I think if any of these things manifested I would be pretty ‘spooked’ (see what I did there?). We face different supernatural forces each episode. You’ll have to watch to see if your favorites show up.

How frightened are viewers going to get by “Spooked”? Is this a show you’d recommend for children or only for brave adults who have left the lights on?
JC: Yeah kids can watch it. It’s more just spooky at times than scary. Although in the fourth episode our supernatural antagonist is pretty creepy. But the five of us react to stuff sometimes so ridiculously that the scares quickly turn to laughs. Humor is the spine of the show.

DM: Adults are merely children with email addresses.  Spooked is good fun for the entire family!

“Spooked” will premiere online Wednesday, June 4.

Posted by:Laurel Brown