SQIRLS-Girls-HBO-Parody.jpgFilling the “Girls” void this summer is a must for fans who fell in love with the series and have to wait until early 2013 for Season 2, so it’s great timing for this silly parody which was added to Vimeo several days ago. 

While it might be amusing “Girls” fans today, the video is a tiny bit questionable. The Hannah (Lena Dunham) squirrel might not be the most compelling voice of her generation (kidding) — and the Adam (Adam Driver) squirrel, while shirtless, is still a little too cute to be accurate (joking). Plus, where is the diversity among this group? What about all the other creatures in the animal kingdom? (Still kidding).

“If you like HBO’s GIRLS, you’ll love SQIRLS,” the creator writes on her Vimeo page.

So what do you think? Is this a worthy homage to “Girls,” or just a quick edit with some low-hanging fruit — er — nuts? Sorry, had to.

SQIRLS from Amelia Hancock on Vimeo.

Posted by:Elizabeth Brady