stacy keibler wwe return Stacy Keibler considering WWE return to maintain lavish lifestyle

Is Stacy Keibler considering another run in WWE? The former fighting diva left the company, and the wrestling business, in 2006 to try her hand at the rest of the entertainment world and ended up dating George Clooney for two years. However, the couple split in July.
Now it sounds like Stacy is looking for a way to maintain the lifestyle she got accustomed to during her time with George. According to the National Enquirer, Keibler could be looking at a one-time return for a big check, in an effort to keep living the way she has been.
A friend of Keibler tells the tabloid that Stacy got used to certain things during her relationship, like having a full-service staff and access to a private jet. However, as host of “Supermarket Superstar” she can’t exactly support that kind of spending. The friend says Stacy has given up quite a bit since the split, but continues to pay big bucks for many things, including two trainers, a health coach and her own personal chef. At this rate, the friend says Stacy needs $50,000 a month to keep going.
Could a return to wrestling be that payday she’s looking for? It’s been reported that Keibler isn’t interested in making another WWE appearance, but according to the friend the offers she’s getting from the company might be too good to pass up.

Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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