stacy keibler legs insured Stacy Keibler's legs are insured, so we can all rest easyStacy Keibler seems to be taking her breakup with George Clooney in stride. She’s also taken steps to insure the famously long legs she uses to stride.

In a HuffPost Live segment this week, Keibler revealed that her 42-inch gams have been insured for some time now. “You have to go through physicals and lots of paperwork,” she says with a laugh.

Keibler is one of many celebrities and professional athletes who have had body parts insured, going all the way back to World War II-era actress Betty Grable, who had her legs insured for $1 million. Current celebs with body-part insurance include Heidi Klum (legs), David Beckham (legs), Bruce Springsteen (vocal cords), Mariah Carey (legs) and Keith Richards (hands).

Keibler also talks with HuffPost Live about her upcoming Lifetime show “Supermarket Superstar” (which premieres July 22), her pro-wrestling days, her new clothing line and, yes, a little bit about her relationship with Clooney.

About that, she says, “I’m extremely grateful for the last two years. I have fond memories and I had wonderful experiences, and it’s just time to move on.”

Posted by:Rick Porter