cocktails with stan jace hall stan lee Stan Lee and Jace Hall geek out over The Hulk and 'Space 2099'This week on “Cocktails With Stan,” comic book legend Stan Lee sits down with video game creator, TV producer and host of “The Jace Hall Show” and “Fan Wars” Jace Hall and myself to chat about all things geek. The first minute or so has Stan Lee being mean to Jace to the shock of anyone who’s met him. Keep watching. A love fest follows.

Jace is currently producing an update to the show “Space 1999” called “Space 2099” and we learn all about it. We also learn about his new show on Stan’s YouTube channel “World of Heroes” called “Fan Wars.” In the show, super fans debate questions like, “Who would get a date faster at a party: Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne?” and “Who is tougher: She-Hulk or Wonder Woman?”

The guys also geek out over their favorite Marvel characters, who they’d like to see get their own film and whether or not Stan is “The One Above All.” There is also the little matter of Stan spilling coffee all over Jace’s Hulk Number One. Watch them battle it out below.

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