Stan Lee fans rejoice, because The Man is heading to TV twice in this coming week. In addition to his appearance on “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD,” his new TV movie “Stan Lee’s Mighty 7” premieres on The Hub on Feb. 1 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

In the film, which is the first of a planned trilogy, Lee voices a character based on himself. Struggling from writer’s block, Lee drives into the desert where he finds himself face-to-face with a group of seven aliens who have crash-landed on Earth. But according to Lee, a real life case of writer’s block didn’t help him come up with this story idea.

“I made that up as an excuse to do the whole movie. But actually, what I wanted to do was the world’s first reality movie, just like reality television,” he tells Zap2it.

Clarifying that premise, Lee explains, “You know the reality TV series that have real people doing real things? So I figured, I’m a reasonably real person, so why not inject myself in the movie, and I’ll get some other real living people in the movie as themselves, not as characters. That’s the whole idea of it. We want to advertise it as the first reality superhero movie — or cartoon. Animated movie, really.”

Quite an impressive array of voice actors joined the cast of “Stan Lee’s Mighty 7,” with everyone from Darren Criss and Mayim Bialik to Armie Hammer and Flea voicing the various aliens. When asked if he is now at the point that people come begging to be in his projects, Lee laughs and says yes.

“It really is nice,” he says. “I love being recognized for whatever, for the stories I’ve written or for the part I’ve played somewhere. It’s fun, and it’s a nice feeling.”

Lee has created a number of superheroes in his life, but he says that fans will get something new from “Mighty 7.” “A number of [the aliens] have superpowers that we’ve never seen before,” he explains. “There’s a lot of original things in it. We have lot of comedy in it. We have what we hope are realistic scenes with fantastic characters — fictional, highly imaginative characters in very realistic scenes, which is something you don’t get to see to often.”

And the story won’t stop with “Mighty 7,” either.

“We’re almost finished animated the second movie, and then we get onto the third movie, and then we conquer the world,” Lee deadpans.

“Stan Lee’s Mighty 7” premieres on The Hub on Feb. 1.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz