star crossed episode 2 grayson taylor grey damon 'Star Crossed' episode 2 recap: Grayson's secret

While the first episode of “Star-Crossed” focused on establishing the world — and the love story — of The CW’s newest drama, the second episode got down to the true nature of the show. There’s a love story at work here, sure, but the real fun of “Star-Crossed” is in the juicy political story.

Emery’s dad accidentally killed Roman’s dad, one of the four tribe leaders of the Atrians, in the pilot. Now, Roman’s tribe needed a new leader — and Roman was the most likely candidate. Roman’s uncle, Castor (Johnathon Schaech), volunteered for the job. There’s one problem, though — he used to be a Trag, and Roman didn’t really trust him.

Still, Roman has tentatively decided to rely on him. He doesn’t have anyone else to give advice, so it might work out. But Roman, responsible, wise-beyond-his-years alien teenager that he is, decided to step up to the plate and lead his tribe.

Things aren’t great between Emery and Roman (understatement), but the fact that her rant defending Atrians went viral proves that she’s still sympathetic to his plight and the connection is still there.

Oh, and there’s the whole GRAYSON IS A RED HAWK thing. !!!!!!! That’s all there is to say. Exclamation points. Would you have ever guessed in a million years?! What does it mean?! Is he actually a Red Hawk? What does he want with Emery?

Speaking of people with secret identities, holy cow: Tamoh Penikett is a secret Trag, and he wants to get Roman out of the way. Back off, bro.

A few more observations:

– Taylor is 100% early Caroline Forbes. That is a good thing.

– We’ve now been introduced to the Mud Bug, the Peach Pit of “Star-Crossed.” If only there were a Nat to give everyone advice. (Do you people even understand what I’m referring to? Original “90210.” Google it.)

– There’s a mythical place the Atrians talk about, a place deep in the bayou where some escaped to before they were rounded up by the humans. This is clearly going to come into play later.

Posted by:Jean Bentley