star crossed emery roman episode 2 'Star Crossed' episode 2: Watch Roman and Emery's awkward confrontationAt the end of the series premiere of “Star-Crossed,” tragedy struck the Atrian community — and the Whitehill family — when Emery’s father, a high-ranking guard in the Atrian sector, accidentally shot and killed Roman’s tribe-leader father as he tried to talk down a rogue alien who was threatening violence.

It was a blow against Atrian-human relations, something about which Roman’s father felt very passionate, and also against the electric connection between Roman and Emery.

In Zap2it‘s sneak peek at Episode 2, watch the first slightly awkward confrontation between the budding lovebirds following the tragic accident.

“Star-Crossed” Episode 2 airs Monday (Feb. 24) at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

Posted by:Jean Bentley