star crossed episode 6 stabbed with a white wenchs black eye 'Star Crossed' episode 6 recap: Atrians in formal wear (and a thwarted kidnapping)Episode 6 of The CW’s “Star-Crossed” took a cue from one of the network’s other shows: namely, “The Vampire Diaries”: i.e., it had its attractive cast get all dolled up for a town-wide formal event.

Grayson’s parents, the Montroses, held a ball, where Drake and Zoe teamed up to kidnap Grayson and hold him for ransom. The Trags wanted five Atrians released from “the crate,” but Roman found out about the plan — and discovered Zoe’s secret identity in the process — and thwarted it by outrunning a car for miles and miles and then surviving being run over by it.

(And even after Zoe ran him over with a car and tried to execute him, Roman was still too good to let Drake kill her.)

Meanwhile, Emery was dealing with her own problems. A reporter had spied on her and Julia talking about cyper, and wanted to write an expose. He intercepted Emery on her morning jog to tell her to give him info OR ELSE. (That’s the first tactic they teach you in journalism school — how to operate drones to spy on 16-year-olds, then to approach them creepily early in the morning.)

Emery was all like “nah dude, that’s fake, let me give you a better story instead.” That better story turned out to be her accidentally telling creepy reporter dude that Grayson’s mom was the leader of the Red Hawks (instead of corrupting his video drone spy file). Oops! Nothing says “I love you” by revealing that your boyfriend’s mom is a top leader in a racist terrorist group, and getting her arrested for plotting a terrorist attack.

Other notable moments:
-Taylor looked amazing in her red dress, and clearly she and Drake have a flirtation that’s not over.

-Emery didn’t think she could be there for Grayson, because she knows that Roman wants to be with her. What a dilemma. Didn’t you hate when the two hottest guys in your high school class were both in love with you?

-Eric and Julia. Discuss.

-Creepy journalist and teacher. Discuss. (That discussion should be “ew, what the heck does she want with that dude?”)

-Roman seeing Grayson and Emery through the window is to “Star-Crossed” as Edward seeing Jacob with Bella is to “Twilight.” Discuss.

“Star-Crossed” airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW.

Posted by:Jean Bentley