star crossed episode 8 an old accustomd feast 'Star Crossed' episode 8, 'An Old Accustom'd Feast' recap: Dinaskyu or Mother's Day?

It was an Atrian holiday on “Star-Crossed” as the sector celebrated Dinaskyu — a combination of Christmas and Thanksgiving for the Atrians — but Mother’s Day might’ve been a better occasion in “An Old Accustom’d Feast.”

Obviously since this is “Star-Crossed,” there were some major revelations — like, for example, Drake is really a big ol’ softy at heart, and the teacher with an ulterior motive is actually the worst villain ever — but the main takeway is that Drake’s mom, who he thought was perhaps in Eljida with the other escaped Atrians, was actually Prisoner 337, one of the Atrians Vega wanted the U.S. government to release.

Vega had ordered Drake to become the new Zoe (i.e. get his markings removed and head to a new city, although he’s pretty famous so that sounds like a terrible plan anyway), but told Roman that she would spare his buddy if Roman got the government to release the mysterious prisoner.

The prisoner, who appeared as a wrinkled old lady in a high-tech Azkaban-like cell, was dropped into the best spa treatment ever and emerged a foxy alien lady. After Gloria brought her back to the sector, she immediately peace’d out of her pod, parkour’d out the window and left a mysterious device on Roman’s door.

Emery happened to pick it up, and she was immediately transported into an Atrian body, where she saw Drake’s mom co-piloting a ship that appeared to be approaching Earth — until Castor barged in and shot Emery (or whoever’s body she was inside at that moment). Later, we learned that the device is essentially an Atrian black box, and what Emery envisioned actually happened.

So is Castor evil? My theory, completely speculative, of course, is that Vega wanted Roman to find the black box so he doesn’t trust Castor anymore. I think Castor really is on Roman’s side, and Vega’s mad because of it. He’s a total Snape, you guys.

Meanwhile, nefarious teacher invited Julia to be her intern, but instead was like “I know you have cyper in your blood help me or else!” Way to tell her your plan out of the gate, lady. The classic bad guy maneuver! How “Scooby-Doo” of you. But Julia called her bluff and was like “nah, don’t think so.” In the process of their back-and-forth, though, evil teach discovered that cyper grows. Bad things are going to happen because of it.

The other major revelation was that Roman and Sophia’s mom told off Emery and called her the daughter of a murderer, but Sophia defended her by telling her mom that she’d realized Emery was the little girl who saved Roman way back when. Oops! A little foot/mouth situation, huh?

What did you think of episode 8? What are your Castor theories?

Posted by:Jean Bentley