star jones view abc Star Jones on 'The View' and her 2006 exit: 'It was ugly'Six years after announcing her abrupt exit from “The View,” former co-host Star Jones returned to the show on Wednesday (Feb. 22) to sit down with her former fellow talkers and her replacement.

Jones was there, ultimately, to talk about heart health. But the first order of business was finally airing out her uncomfortable 2006 exit.

“I am so happy to welcome back star Jones,” said Walters before kicking off the inquisition into Star’s unexpected exit from the show.

“Do we care at this point, my sister?” says Jones, in what we have to assume wasn’t the most genuine attempt to avoid the discussion. Walters, of course, convinces her that we do care — or at least she does.

“It was ugly,” says Jones. “Everything around was ugly. It was a bad emotional time. Nasty things were being said in the media. I take real responsibility for my own behavior at the time, but I will not take responsibility for decisions I did not make.”

Fair enough.

Then Joy Behar chimes in. She wants the world to know that Star asked her co-hosts to lie for her about Jones’ gastric bypass surgery.

“We were told don’t say it’s gastric bypass,” says Behar. “Say it was Pilates.”

“I said don’t talk about my private way I decided to lose weight.” replies Jones.

“You did say [to say] it was Pilates and diet,” says Walters. “We did lie!”

Nothing was really resolved before the commercial break and upon their return Star and co. moved on to talking about Jones’ heart health initiative.

Before leaving, though, she totally covered her bases.

“Barbara Walters is the reason I get to do what I do,” she says.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson