Wow. Can you believe that a Star magazine reporter tricked Jon Gosselin?

Shocking! Simply shocking!

Wednesday night, Star magazine reporter Kate Major announced she was romantically involved with the star of "Jon and Kate Plus 8"

"I didn't mean it to happen, it just did," she said. "I went to do a story on Jon and ended up falling for him."

Major reportedly resigned from Star magazine today.

Jon is reportedly upset and telling friends that she tricked him and that they do NOT have a romantic relationship.

Imagine that a tabloid reporter would try to get a scoop and get her face in the spotlight and maybe get some big-money media offers.

Yeah, not like sweet little Haylie Glassman.

What a tool. Wake up and smell the scandal, Jon. You need to wise up if you're gonna survive in the celebrity jungle.

What advice would you give Jon Gosselin?

Jon Gosselin is taking a tabloid reporter and had dinner with Michael Lohan and a "New York Housewife?

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead