Canadian singer Alexis Normand pretty much obliterated “The Star-Spangled Banner” when she took the microphone at the Memorial Cup hockey game between the Portland Winterhawks and the Halifax Mooseheads.

Tradition dictates that Normand perform the national anthem for both the United States and Canada before game play gets underway. The trouble is, Nomand apparently doesn’t know the words to “The Star-Spangled Banner.” In fact, she sings it almost karaoke-style, as if she has never even heard the two-centuries-old song before. Normand doesn’t even make it through the first stanza before she starts making up lyrics, as players on the ice struggle to contain their giggles.

After a few awkward pauses wherein Normand tries to collect herself between making up gibberish lyrics, the crowd — some of whom started out laughing at, and then booing, the poor girl — eventually tries to rescue her from her misery by singing the song loudly for her. You would think she would graciously shut up at that point, but instead she summons some bewildering confidence from deep within and begins to try belting out the remainder anthem.

Before you watch the video, here’s a hint: She doesn’t magically remember how the song ends.

Normand delivered a rendition of “O Canada” next. She knew all the words to this one, but couldn’t find the right key to save her life. Good thing this wasn’t an “X-Factor” audition. Simon Cowell would have definitely walked out on her.

Posted by:mchance