OK, so maybe it wasn’t quite as grand as those $100,000 Oscar winner swag bags.

But some of Film Independent’s 2006 Independent Spirit Awards nominees and presenters still made time to visit the On3 gift lounge during Saturday’s show for some small-scale swag: personalized Docker khakis, Ugg sandals, Invicta watches, Laura Merkin personalized bags, Dior eye shadow, Palm Treos and coupons for free laser eye surgery.

story about hundred-grand gift bags possibly being considered taxable income, I predict stars may become a little more selective about swag next year.

Presenter Sienna Miller, wearing a sweet printed chiffon Thomas Wylde frock, was one of the first to pop into the lounge to snag some Three Dots racer-back tanks (with sheer chiffon straps) in brown, black and white. Spirit hostess Sarah Silverman just took one. In black.

But some of the guys really went hog wild on men’s shirts. “Matt Dillon took eight shirts,” whispered the shirt rep. “And Billy Baldwin took 10, one in every color. Terrence Howard was so cute, he picked out a brown racer-back for his 12-year-old daughter. And Peter Sarsgaard really wanted a polo shirt for himself.”

Yeah, he looks like a polo shirt kinda guy.

Miller also started a new sunglasses trend at the Spirits.

“She’s been wearing white vintage Wayfarers for that retro ’80s look,” said the Ray-Ban rep. “But today she requested a pair just like the ones Tom Cruise wore in ‘Risky Business.’ She tried them on and said ‘I have to have them!’ And have them, she did, immediately slipping them on and wearing them outside in the Santa Monica sunshine.

Turns out Howard — whose future certainly looks bright even if he doesn’t win an Oscar — is a big Ray-Ban Aviator fan and he fittingly chose a pair of gold framed Aviators with rose-colored lenses. When pushed, the rep revealed, “When Vin Diesel heard we had new Aviators, he said, ‘New? I gotta have them!’ He was all over that. And Sarah Silverman took a pair just like Diesel’s. She told me that she really needed a pair because the only ones she had, she’d found in the grass on the walk over here.”

Funny gal Silverman’s next stop was the Phyto hair booth where she picked up a bottle of hair and nail vitamins — Phytophanère. “She said her nails are always breaking,” said the rep.

It’s somewhat ironic that Silverman partook in the backstage freebie fest. Ya see, during her hilarious opening monologue at the Spirits, Silverman waxed philosophical about vaginal douches. Not that she needs them, mind you. She’d like to be self-deprecating but she just can’t. Not about this.

“I don’t need them because — and pay attention, George Clooney — my vagina smells like a mountain breeze.”

But Silverman admitted that she will never buy douches at a 99 Cents Only store. “I just can’t put anything inside me that costs less than a dollar,” she deadpanned on live TV, cracking up the audience.

Guess she doesn’t mind using products that are completely free.

Photo (top): Sarah Silverman hops on the freebie train with a new Three Dots racer-back tank
(Kevin Parry / WireImage)
Photo (bottom): Sienna Miller practices her Tom Cruise grin in a pair of "Risky Business" Wayfarers(Mychal Watts / WireImage)

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