star wars the clone wars disney 'Star Wars: Clone Wars' canceled by Cartoon Network, LucasfilmAfter five seasons on Cartoon Network, Lucasfilm’s animated adventure series “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” is coming to an end.

Lucasfilm delivered the news while announcing a “new direction” for the company’s animated content. No further “Clone Wars” episodes will be produced for Cartoon Network — a decision expected since Disney acquired Lucasfilm last year — and only a few additional “story arcs” will be produced as “bonus content” (likely to wrap up ongoing storylines). When and where these “arcs” will be seen (cable TV? online? DVD?) has not yet been announced.

Additionally, Lucasfilm has indefinitely postponed the release of the animated spoof series “Detours” from the “Robot Chicken” producers (including Seth Green). Apparently the company now finds the idea of an off-kilter look at the “Star Wars” universe counterproductive to its strategy leading up to the 2015 launch of “Star Wars Episode VII.”

But it’s not all bad news from Lucasfilm. The company also made sure to note: “We are exploring a whole new ‘Star Wars’ series set in a time period previously untouched in ‘Star Wars’ films or television programming. You can expect more details in the months to come.”

For more details on the aforementioned “Clone Wars” “bonus content” check out the video below:

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