star wars yoda standalone film spinoff gi 'Star Wars': Could Yoda be the subject of the first standalone film?

The “Star Wars” universe is suddenly a very active place. With production now scheduled to begin in the next few months on “Star Wars: Episode VII,” rumors are already flying about what could come after that. According to rumors, a standalone film focusing on the character of Yoda is a definite possibility.

While a whole series of standalone films — each focusing on a character important to the “Star Wars” saga — are possible, the word is that the very first has to be about Yoda. The first word on a Yoda-based spinoff came from Ain’t It Cool News. This report indicated that, while there was a Jabba the Hutt idea out there as well as some passion for a story about Boba Fett, the plan for any standalone series starts with Yoda.

Disney Chief Executive Robert Iger confirmed to CNBC the development of the standalone movies on Tuesday (Feb. 5). Screenwriters Lawrence Kasdan (the writer of “The Empire Strikes Back”) and Simon Kinberg have already begun work on concepts for these spinoffs.

If there is indeed a Yoda movie coming, that brings up a whole host of questions. Since Yoda didn’t survive the original “Star Wars” trilogy, a new standalone film would have to take place earlier in the timeline. Could we see the Jedi Master as a young warrior? Or would the Yoda story focus on the creature’s escape to Dagobah when the other Jedi were destroyed?

Most importantly, can they get Frank Oz back to perform the character?

Posted by:Laurel Brown