Here at the ongoing Turner Networks session of the TCA Press Tour, we just saw a completed episode of Cartoon Network’s much-anticipated computer-animated series "Star Wars: Clone Wars," which kicks off with a CGI feature film on Aug. 15. Did it look cool? Yeah. Did Yoda kick butt? Yeah. Can I tell you any more than that without being mowed down by Storm Troopers? Probably not.

But a thought struck me as I was watching — other than the realization that, despite being a rabid "Star Wars" geek, I wan’t all that excited — was that an awful lot of robot soldiers were getting their heads and other body parts blowed up.

I know they’re just robots, but they’re written as being capable of sentient, independent thought and even having individual personalities and senses of humor. And yet, blowed up, at lot, with glee.

I’m no shrinking violet when it comes to movie shoot ’em ups. I can do "Die Hard" and "Pulp Fiction" all day long, thank you very much, but I snagged on this.

Faceless, voiceless robots are one thing, but…ah, I don’t know. You’ll decide for yourselves when the show comes on this fall.

Posted by:Kate O'Hare