Star-Wars-Uncut-screenshot.jpg“Star Wars” fans, rejoice! “Star Wars Uncut: Director’s Cut” has finally arrived! For the past 3 years, fans have been remaking their favorite scenes from “Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope,” 15 seconds at a time. The entire film has been re-created using entirely fan-made footage.

All along we’ve been able to see the pieces in-progress, but the final cut of the film has just been released by Casey Pugh, the creator of the project. Thousands of fans have submitted their work and the film won an Emmy. George Lucas approves. At the South by Southwest festival last year, Pugh and co-producer Jamie Wilkinson said that Lucas loved the idea and invited them to his office in San Francisco to hear all about it. Lucasfilm was originally concerned about branding problems if the film included commercial logos. As a result, the project is commercial-free and not for profit.

The film includes scenes re-created with Legos, ladies in sixties-inspired go-go versions of Storm Trooper outfits and puppets. Watch the film below and marvel at the awesomeness that is “Star Wars Uncut: Director’s Cut.” May the Force be with you.

Posted by:jbusch