Starbucks1.jpgYou know you’re addicted to caffeine when you can’t even take off your skis before grabbing a cup of joe. It’s either that or we’ve taken multi-tasking to a terrifying level. Starbucks has just opened the first ski-thru store. Ah! Just what the universe was missing.

This magical place was built at the Squaw Valley Ski Resort, and allows customers to ski up to the window, and ski right off again with a fancy coffee drink. Yeah, that’s totally safe. We’re positive that strapping two slippery sticks to your feet and sliding down a mountain was only missing a cup of steaming hot liquid to make it the safest sport out there.

Apparently this was inspired by base jumper JT Homes, who has been known to drink coffee while skiing. You can thank him when you’re grabbing a caramel macchaito at 8,000 feet. Also, don’t ski anywhere near us. Coffee stains are hard to get out.

Posted by:jbusch