stars-earn-stripes-NBC.jpg“Stars Earn Stripes” debuted on NBC Monday night (Aug. 13), featuring eight celebrities paired with eight actual military personnel, embarking on training missions and competing for cash prizes to be donated to their various first-responder and military-related charities.

After each celeb was paired up with his or her military counterpart, they were assigned an amphibious assault mission to destroy a cache of weapons. But before they could embark on the mission, the celebrities had to be trained — which actually did not seem like it lasted very long at all. And then it was mission time.

The mission involved being dropped out of a helicopter, swimming to a Zodiac boat, taking out a guard tower with a grenade launcher and targets with a machine gun, then crawling under barbed wire, breaching a shack and moving ammo into the shack. Once clear, they destroy the shack. The celebrities from the slowest team later face off in a shoot-out and the loser is dismissed.

The face-off in the premiere, though, comes down to the two competitors who could not complete the mission, who are Terry Crews and Dolvett Quince. In the end, despite being down a huge amount at first, Terry Crews wins the shoot-out and Dolvett is sent home.

What did you think of the “Stars Earn Stripes” premiere? Was it actually glorifying war or minimizing service personnel’s experiences, like nine Noble Laureates say?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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