Lindsayloh_caulf_9464455_600With the Emmy awards and Emmy parties on the horizon, it’s no surprise so many stars turned out for Miuccia Prada‘s “Waist Down” exhibit of her artistic skirts at her Beverly Hills boutique.

Ben Kingsley, Dustin Hoffman, and Joaquin Phoenix  gave a heavy-weight acting awards feel to the super-chic skirt-loving crowd that included Angie Harmon, Heather Graham, Molly Sims, Eva Mendes, Michelle Trachtenberg, Patricia Arquette, Michelle Rodriquez, Paris and Nicky Hilton along with skinny-mini Mary Kate Olsen, looking tres goth, smothered up in black with ruby red lips.

Also at the party: Hilton’s main social antagonists Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie. Perhaps their angry rifts are cooling due to some kind of Hollywood nuclear weapons disarmament treaty. Or maybe it was the free frocks.

Richie arrived before Lohan and was seen briefly eyeing the huge seafood buffet before deciding against sustenance and heading upstairs to the VIP area with melted green plastic walls that looked like they were stolen from the set of “Aliens.”
But even though she resisted a jumbo shrimp, Richie is not, I repeat, not anorexic. She probably wasn’t hungry because she’d just eaten dinner the night before.

Other stars simply couldn’t resist the  sea-faring temptation. Surprise-surprise, Courtney Love made a lengthy pit stop at the seafood bar to refuel with handfuls of jumbo shrimp, lobster claws and giant crab legs. TV fashion pundit Steven Cojocaru was also eating high on the hog and looking eerily more like his idol Joan Rivers every minute.

Longtime Prada lover Lyle Lovett came with a young girl who looked she could be his daughter but was probably his fiancé, April Kimble. “I love Prada, especially the techno pants. I wear them on stage when I perform,” he revealed.

Former supermodel-still-turning-actress Amber Valletta gleamed in a gold Prada lace top and gold satin short-shorts. "I think her hot pants-wearing days are done," whispered one onlooker.

The big question of the night was: will we see mucho Miuccia Prada at the Emmys?

“I really don’t know,” answered Prada prone supe- stylist Rachel Zoe, who arrived at the same time as some of her Prada-clad clones, er girls, including Joy Bryant, Richie and Lohan.

“Miuccia is very specific about who she dresses so we’ll just have to see. But it would be very fun!”Courtneylo_charb_9463831_600

The Rem Koolhaus-designed boutique is a perfect party pad with skyhigh ceilings, low white sofas, and a wide sweeping staircase up to the second floor where you can peek down and check out which guy is a potential Hair Club for Men client.

The Prada skirts exhibited – full skirts splattered on walls and spinning suspended from the ceiling – sure made for fun festive décor. Not to mention all the plasma screens showing past fashion shows. By night’s end, none of the small Prada skirt souvenir pins scattered around the store were left. Guests, stars and even stylists were lining their Prada purses with handfuls of the party souvenirs.

One source thought that there just might be an Emmy party in the works for the special store.  But another insider made mock of that idea, “Miuccia would not allow a party to be held here that she was not totally in charge of.”

So we’ll just have to see. But, like Zoe said, It would be very fun. And the marvelous "Waist Down" exhibit will be on display until, fittingly, August 27, the night of the Emmys.

Photo Credits: Angie Harmon fixes Lindsay Lohan’s hair when she arrives late at the Prada party. What are friends for? Limos can be so  hard on the hairdo.

Photo Credits: Molly Simms and Eva Mendes get cozy for the cameras in fabulous free Prada dresses.

Photo Credits: Rebecca Romjin and Courtney Love share  – hopefully – some diet tips. Bottom’s up, girls. Let’s also hope that’s just sparkling water in Love’s champagne flute.

All from WireImage/Michael Caulfield

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