Attention, celebrity shoppers! Green light specials at every Emmy Suite.

The Emmy Suites are cranking this week as nominees, presenters, pre and post-party peeps, even stars staying home to watch the show, show up at a baker’s dozen suites set up for the sole purpose of pampering (mani-pedis, massages, facials, hair-cuts and blow drys) the stars and gifting them with cool free clothing, accessories, beauty products, even fabulous trips.

So will there be any letters given out explaining tax implications to celebs arriving at Emmy Suites, the way it was done at the Teen Choice Awards Celebrity Retreat on Sunday?

Not at the Silver Spoon Hollywood Buffet, says founder Lorena Bendinskas. For one thing, not everyone comes for swag. “Some stars will simply have lunch," she explains. "Others may have a massage or a manicure and some will shop. But it’s more of a party than a gifting suite. There is no official gift bag. So it’s totally up to the individual.”

Parishilto_jun_s_10023785_600The aptly named Silver Spoon, one of the biggest and most popular suites, is always held in a top-secret private Hollywood estate. And this year, "The Simple Life" star Paris Hilton, now officially a singer (!)  and on the pampering party/freebie fest/charity benefit invite list, may run right into "American Idol" meanie Simon Cowell, also on the invitee list.

She’s gonna have to hotfoot it back from Japan where she’s promoting her album to make it to Silver Spoon. But if she does, will the tireless self-promoter give Simon a copy of her new CD?  I wouldn’t risk it, Paris. He can draw blood.

And frankly,  I’d steer clear of Joan and Melissa Rivers, also slated to attend, unless you’re feeling up to fierce fashion snipes about that Heidi Ho costume you wore in Toyko earlier this week.

This year the SSHB benefits Tom’s Foundation, which provides much needed medical care, school supplies and shoes to children around the world. With just a $35 donation, stars can make sure that children in poor villages in Argentina will receive a new pair of shoes.

Okay, $35 won’t buy the tykes Uggs or Jimmy Choos. But apparently in poor countries, shoes are more than a fashion statement. Footwear actually prevents many horrible diseases contracted through bare feet. Wow. Who knew? Would weekly pedicures help too?

The pampering party may also draw invited TV stars like "NoTORIous" Tori Spelling, who is probably still reeling over getting her inheritance ripped off by Mommy Dearest after her dad Aaron kicked the bucket. Now she like really Allisonjan_cohen_1527181_600needs free stuff!

Also on the list David Spade and Jesse Metcalfe; who has about 3 seconds more fame time left after his movie “John Tucker Must Die” died at the box office.

Also sure to stop by: Jerry Ferrara, Constance Zimmer and Kevin Dillon (“Entourage”), Lisa Rinna and Rachel Hunter (“Dancing With the Stars”), Eric Balfour (“Conviction”), Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag (“The Hills”), Ryan Cabrera (Ashley Simpson’s former kinda beau), Terry Crews (“Everybody Hates Chris”), Mya and almost last but definitely not least,  the perpetual party girl Tara Reid (“Taradise”).

Photo Credits: Paris looks like she could be in St. Pauli Girl beer commercial at her record signing party in Toyko. Hope she changes before hitting the Silver Spoon Hollywood Buffet this week
WireImage/Jun Sato

Photo Credits: Allison Janney lugs her loot at the 2003 Silver Spoon. She started her swag hunt early this year, hitting the GBK Suite at the Sofitel Wednesday to meet Kerry Simon, the hotel’s new chef, get free chocolates, Space Mermaid jewelry and anything else that wasn’t nailed down.
WireImage/Lester Cohen

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