gossip girl strangeloved2 'Gossip Girl': Serena sees her father; Little J fails to snag Nate ... this timeWhat a breath of fresh air that was, after weeks of nonsense, uncharacteristically stupid decisions and serious grammar issues! We found the entire episode, even Dorota, to be fantastically watchable, squeal-able, and in a few cases “Oh, GIRL!”-able, which hasn’t happened in a while. And the best part is, the quality wasn’t dependent on shocks, schemes or shipper smooching: It just made a great deal of both logical and character sense, and contained engaging and sparkling dialogue, and just the right number of Shakespeare references.

So the A story is definitely What Happened In South Beach, Santorini, France and all the other Lily Places. Serena found Lily chillin’ at the Florida pad where Dr. William (nice to know Keith’s brother’s name, finally, so we can stop calling him Carmen Sandiego) was making his home. She and Lily fly back to the UES together, laughing about the whole grunge-era love quadrangle that meant 20 years of angst for Rufus and Lily, and several ill-fated marriages for all of them, not to mention damage to the timeline that only Grant Morrison will ever be able to fix. The upside: Lily’s not sleeping with Will. The downside: She’s got an “illness” (they call it various words that don’t mean anything until an abrupt blow-by reveals that it’s the C word) that only Will can fix. Serena plays hopscotch all over the idea that her Daddy is back and she can finally stop sleeping around, but in the end we learn — of course — that Will has a secret agenda we don’t know about yet.

Serena’s other main prob is Nate, to be specific his tumor they’re calling “Little J,” and all the problems crazy Jenny can toss between Serena and Nate. She’s a valiant little psycho, complete with Desdemona’s scarf — and at Chuck’s behest, since he’s realized the only thing Nate loves more than him is S — but eventually S catches J in the act, barks at her in a way we’ve only ever dreamt about, and tells Nate to stop being stupid and just be her boyfriend for five seconds. Nate, he’s easy. But pissing off Little J? Get ready for her to pull the same schemes next week.

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