barack mad men State of the Union 2014: 10 shows besides 'Mad Men' that deserved a name check

During his State of the Union address on Tuesday (Jan. 28), President Barack Obama proved that once again, he’s got his finger on the pulse of pop culture — simply by referencing “Mad Men.”

Obama made an offhand remark about the 1960s-set AMC drama while making a point about equal pay for women. “It’s time to do away with workplace policies that belong in a ‘Mad Men’ episode,” Obama says.

While we applaud the POTUS for being so in the know when it comes to pop culture, and mixing in some of that knowledge during serious political matters, we would also liked to have heard him reference these 10 other shows in the State of the Union:

– Since “The Good Wife” is set in Chicago, we were longing to hear Obama give his hometown a shout-out via this CBS drama.

– What better way to prove how the war on drugs didn’t take (and actually became even more homegrown) than with a reference to another AMC drama, “Breaking Bad?”

– The discussion about a woman’s right to choose has never been more important, so why didn’t Obama make a “Downton Abbey” remark? It looks like a female character will find herself exercising her right to choose in an upcoming episode, so it’s very timely.

– This one’s pretty obvious: Obama could have reassured us all that things in the White House aren’t as messed up and twisted as they are on “Scandal.” Because we’re actually pretty scared that these things can happen without the country knowing.

– When discussing his Middle East policy, Obama had the perfect reference staring him in the face: “Homeland.”

– With so many states legalizing gay marriage and the Disney Channel finally featuring its first same-sex couple on “Good Luck Charlie,” Obama could have made some comment like, “If the Disney Channel can do it, why can’t we all embrace same-sex couples?”

– Obama could have made a case for the legalization of marijuana by saying that we could avoid all the drama that went down on “Weeds.”

– Lizzie just struggled with the balancing her job the demands of parenthood on “The Blacklist,” so the timing was perfect for a reference. 

– Nothing like a throwback reference to “The Wire” — the president has spoken more than once about how much he loved the late, great HBO series — when talking about drug policy and decaying inner cities.

– And we know Obama is a fan of “House of Cards” because he’s jealous at how efficiently those politicians get things done, so why not throw in a dig to his colleagues while also appealing to pop-culture fans?

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum