spencer stephanie pratt fig 'The Hills': Stephanie Pratt hasn't spoken to Spencer or Heidi MontagLauren Conrad once dubbed her the “She-Pratt,” but Stephanie Pratt hasn’t spoken to her counterpart, brother Spencer Pratt, or his wife Heidi Montag, in seven months.

]]>Fancast.com on April 6. “I feel so dumb not to know what’s going on with my family.” Pratt and Montag have been alienating themselves from the rest of the “Hills” cast, and somehow we’re not surprised that the cold shoulder has extended to his little sister. “They’ve decided they don’t want me in their life, so I don’t know what’s going on with them,” Stephanie says. Though they’ve had their well-publicized differences in the past, especially when Stephanie befriended Conrad, Spencer’s nemesis, Stephanie says she misses her brother. “It’s sad. I’m kind of mourning the loss of him. But that’s his choice.” Stephanie hasn’t seen Spencer and Heidi since Heidi got 10 plastic surgery procedures in one day and ‘almost died from too much Demerol like Michael Jackson,’ And Spencer didn’t contact Stephanie when she was arrested for DUI after Heidi’s sister’s birthday party in October. Though “The Hills” is notorious for ignoring its stars’ tabloid troubles, Pratt says that’s not the case this season. “The Hills’ really is different this season because we didn’t keep what we normally would hide [off camera.] We show everything that we’re going through. We’re not showing our other jobs that we do besides ‘The Hills,’ but every emotional thing like the rumors that Kristin dealt with, my DUI, Heidi’s surgery. The Hills is very real this season.” Follow Zap2it on Twitter and Facebook and @cadlymack on Twitter for the latest TV, movie and celebrity news. More drama from “The Hills”:

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