If you had to pick a charity to donate to right now, raise your hand if you would give your money to … Stephen Baldwin.

Is your hand up? Yeah, we didn’t think so. And perhaps that’s why “The Restoration of Stephen Baldwin” campaign is still under the $100 mark since its launch four months ago.

]]>Lyn Fletcher, aims to restore Baldwin’s personal wealth and Hollywood influence. Why? The Q & A section of the site says, “In March of 08 I saw Stephen speak boldly for Christ on Trumps Celebrity Apprentice Show. Then in Aug 09 I saw Stephen and God being laughed at for his bankruptcy.” Baldwin became a born-again Christian after 9/11, and the site attributes his plummeting income (down by 70%, according to the site) to around this time when he “refused roles with gratuitous sex and violence.” So in order to make Baldwin into a respected member of Hollywood circles, the mastermind behind the campaign wants to restore Baldwin’s dwindling bank account, namely because, “Hollywood worships money and without it you are seen as a loser and cannot be an effective influence to this group.” Yep, seriously, that’s what the site says. While Baldwin does not have anything to do with the site directly, his spiritual advisor (now President of Stephen’s ministries), Daniel Southern, gave the “Restore” campaign written permission to build the site. Perhaps the best part of the whole stranger-than-fiction storyline is the video created to help “restore” Baldwin, which plays like some kind of bizarre “SNL” parody. But it’s the real deal, folks. Watch it and tell us what you think. Does it have you rushing to pull out your wallet?
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Posted by:Christine Law